In the past fifteen years, I taught a variety of courses, gave workshops, lectures and seminars, and supervised papers, literature exams, bachelor and master theses, and lots of art projects.

I currently teach at the bachelor interdisciplinary Arts at the Maastricht Institute of Arts (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences), where I am also an education developer at the program team.

My teaching interest has developed towards cultivating ethical sensibilities and research skills in art curricula. At the research centre What Art Knows, we develop cross-fertilizations through the educational method of the research studio.

Please feel free to contact me if I can contribute with a lecture, workshop or thesis supervison on the following topics or fields of interest.

Fields of Expertise

Artistic Research & Artistic Engagement
Methods and research skills
Practical Philosophy / Empirical Ethics
Cultural Philosophy
Science & Technology Studies

Topics of Interest

Artistic research
Methodological innovation
Socially engaged art
Ethics of emerging technologies
Popular neuroscience
post-Foucauldian views on the life sciences

Skills Training

Academic / research skills
Artistic research
Skills of artistic engagement
Close reading
Conceptual analysis
Popular writing

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