Launch website

Launch website

My postdoc has officially ended with a bang. On Wednesday October 20, during a final dissemination meeting, we launched the website The website is the outcome of four years of experimenting with audience participation in the practice of a symphony orchestra.

In the Artful Participation project, funded by the NWO/SIA Smart Culture programme, we did research into artistically relevant forms of audience participation in symphonic music. Academic research into innovative approaches to audience participation was combined with artistic research in the form of concert experiments. Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (research centre AOK and the conservatory) collaborated with philharmonie zuidnederland in the project.

The website presents experiments, shares research and insights, and offers practical exercises for innovating in the practice of a symphony orchestra. You can browse through the website through different perspectives, exploring what experimenting with participation means for either a musician, programmer, marketeer, audience member, or innovator.

The website was designed by Luidspreker. I wrote the texts for the website, based on our findings, observations, documentation of the past years. All was made possible with the help and support and hard work of my colleagues: Karoly, Veerle, Imogen, Peter and Ruth. And of course through the collaborative work with the musicians and staff of the orchestra, philharmonie zuidnederland. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the Artful Participation-project.

I’m proud of what we managed to do during these four years. And I hope the website contributes to other orchestras and/or musical institutions who want to experiment with forms of audience participation.