Goodbye FASoS, and welcome iArts & University of Amsterdam!

Goodbye FASoS, and welcome iArts & University of Amsterdam!

As of September I no longer work at FASoS (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at Maastricht University). Started as a student in 2007, a tutor in 2009, a phd student in 2011, and a postdoc in 2018, I feel part of the faculty’s furniture (like a cozy comfortable couch with some minor stains). I’m sure I will miss the collegiality that is so typical for the faculty, including all the people that inspired me in the past twelve years.

The good thing about goodbyes is that they enable new beginnings! Luckily, I continue working with my lovely colleagues at the research centre for Arts, Autonomy & the Public Sphere at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (AOK), where we do really groundbreaking work in developing artistic research, and teaching artistic engagement. I will finally have some more time to devote to research.

I will start teaching more at the interdisciplinary bachelor iArts at the Maastricht Institute of Arts (also Zuyd), where I’m also a mentor, and part of Yearteam 2 and the program team. I’m really looking forward to new cool projects to develop at AOK and iArts the coming year – more about that soon.

I will also start as course coordinator and lecturer at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (ISS) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). I’m coordinating and teaching the course The Eternal Pursuit of Happiness: Philosophy, Science and Technology of Wellbeing which runs from October 2021 to January 2022. IIS is the UvA’s knowledge centre for interdisciplinary learning and teaching.

And still I work a day less, so I will have more time to play music and spend time with my daughter Leentje who just entered third class in pre-school (groep 3 yay!). 2021 will be a fresh year!