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Trained as interdisciplinary scholar in Science & Technology Studies (STS) and empirical philosophy, I am interested in the ethics of societal engagement practices – both in the arts and in the sciences. I see these practices as forms of encultured ethics.

Starting point is the changing role and place of ethics in our Western (affluent) society. Ethical deliberation is no longer limited to academia, special committees, or religious fora (if it ever was). In a society where continuous (technological) change is the imperative, reflection on what to do and how to live has become part of our daily busyness.

In my research, I especially focus on how we use (socially engaged) art and emerging science and technologies to address questions of what means to do and be good. My aim is to show how ethics is constitutive for these practices, and to encourage and cultivate a responsive attitude and ethical sensibility among designers, artists, scientists and engineers.

Moving between the loci of academia and the art world, I work as postdoctoral researcher at the department of Philosophy at Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (Maastricht University), and at the Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere at the Arts Faculty Maastricht (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences). I am currently working in the project Artful Participation, where we explore and design innovative forms of public participation in the contemporary symphony orchestra.

Next to my academic work, I am an editor of WeArePublic Brabant. And I frequently play the bass in the Eindhoven-based ska-jazz collective The Scattered Lights a.k.a. The Skat-a-likes. I live in Eindhoven with my daughter.

Please email for my CV or check my LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Max Sprott · september 17, 2015 at 22:04:20 · →

    Hello Ties,

    I’m the UVA economics student that sat next to you on the airplane to Philadelphia. You were telling me about a recently translated Dutch book I should read and was wondering if you could tell the the title once more. Found you through the conference website. Also good luck on your presentation.

    Max Sprott

  2. Roger van de Werff · december 1, 2020 at 08:29:23 · →

    Hoi Ties,

    leuk om zo eens te horen en zien wat mijn neef allemaal doet.

    Petje af!



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