Symposium March 20th: Doing Artistic Research: A Collaboratory

Symposium March 20th: Doing Artistic Research: A Collaboratory

At our Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy, and the Public Sphere we are organising an exciting symposium on practices of artistic research. See below for the flyer, program will be updated soon.

Join us! Participation is free, register by sending an email to symposium[at]


Doing artistic research: A Collaboratory
Symposium on artistic research practices

March 20th 2018

Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy, and the Public Sphere
Faculty of Arts, Zuyd Hogeschool
Herdenkingsplein 12, Maastricht


What you learn from any project you love is a way of paying attention. Call it methodology if you want.” (Donna Haraway in: Schneider 2005, 132)


How can artistic research be done? What sensitivities, methodologies, and collaborations emerge in practices of artistic research? In this symposium, we reflect on artistic research by taking a ‘substantive detour’: instead of using artistic research as object of reflection, we start with concrete examples of artistic research practices. This way, the fundamental discussion of

how artistic research is (or should be) done is inspired by a lively exchange of concrete and innovative methods and practices that problematize the current academic as well as the artistic status quo. The context of this symposium is the initiative to try and think through a Maastricht graduate school for Artistic Research. This graduate school is thought as a ‘collaboratory’ between the initiating partners: Zuyd Hogeschool (Faculty of Arts Maastricht, Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy, and the Public Sphere), Maastricht University (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences) and Van Eyck Academy.

The morning-program consists of interactive presentations of four projects, which together explore some contours of a ‘Maastricht-style’ of doing artistic research. In the panel discussion in the afternoon, we reflect on these examples of artistic research, and question how this type of research is to be done, by whom, what for, and where. We specifically address three themes: 1) Methodologies-in-the-Making: developing rigorous sensitivity in practice; 2) A Collaboratory: artistic research as ‘agnostic laboratory’ for cooperation between researchers from various backgrounds, disciplines, and institutions, and the construction of a shared (societal) problem or issue; and 3) The Topology of Artistic Research: the relationship between artistic research and the environment in which it takes place (its societal context), specifically Maastricht and its EUregional environment.

Participating in the event is free. Registration is required, by sending an email to symposium [at] lectoraataok [dot] nl. The event is organized in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH), which takes place on March 18th and 19th at the Arts Faculty Maastricht. This provides participants the additional benefit of the opportunity to combine both events on their visit to Maastricht.