Scatterd Lights

To let my brains run loose, I occasionally play bass in my 10-headed band The Scattered Lights a.k.a. The Skat-a-likes. Our set consists of original ska jazz sorchers, Jamaican originals, mixing ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub.  Turn your speakers at 10 and check out some live performances on Youtube.

I love the bass, grooving in-between melody and rhythm, finding the minimal lick that binds both.  Or as Jaimaican’s dub-poet Linton Kwesi Johnson describes:

All tensed up
In the bubble and the bounce
An the leap an the weight-drop
It is the beat of the heart
This pulsing of blood
That is a bubblin’ bass

Linton Kwesi Johnson, Bass Culture (1980)

Occasionally, I also put up some tunes as DJ. If you have a theme-based party, I happily join with a relevant, genre surpassing DJ-set!