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Trained as an interdisciplinary cultural scientist, I try to understand ethical life in our contemporary culture. I do this by exploring different practices and forms of encultured ethics, using concepts and methods from the fields of Science & Technology Studies, and (empirical) philosophy.

Starting point is the changing role and place of ethics in our Western (affluent) society. Ethical deliberation is no longer limited to academia, special committees, or religious fora (if it ever was). In a society where continuous (technological) change is the imperative, reflection on what to do and how to live has become part and parcel of our daily busyness. We do ethics all the time, everywhere.

In this context, ethics is not so much about binding rules and regulations. Rather, it’s about meanings, values and virtues – about living well and the good life. The question therefore is not only: What is ethically just or permissible? But also and foremost: Where, when, and how are we able to talk about the good?

In my work, I try to find answers to these questions by studying the use of emerging technologies, scientific concepts, art works, and design processes. My aim is to show how ethics is constitutive for these cultural practices, and to encourage and cultivate a responsive attitude and ethical sensibility among designers, artists, scientists and engineers.

At the moment, I’m finishing my PhD-research at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (Maastricht University), and I research and teach at the center Autonomy of the Arts and the Public Sphere (Arts Faculty Maastricht). I am an editor of WeArePublic Brabant. I play the bass and love Jamaican ska and roots reggae music, I frequently play classic scorchers with the Eindhoven-based collective The Scattered Lights a.k.a. The Skat-a-likes. And if you have a theme-based party, I happily join with a relevant, genre surpassing DJ-set!

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  1. Max Sprott
    Max Sprott 17 september 2015 at 22:04 ·

    Hello Ties,

    I’m the UVA economics student that sat next to you on the airplane to Philadelphia. You were telling me about a recently translated Dutch book I should read and was wondering if you could tell the the title once more. Found you through the conference website. Also good luck on your presentation.

    Max Sprott

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